Fidelity (Nelson) 473mL

Fidelity (Nelson) 473mL

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Our Fidelity series is now in its 3rd year with 7 different releases. We love to showcase our favourite hops and Nelson Sauvin, hailing from New Zealand, is definitely one of them!

It is named after the Sauvignon grape and has a complex oil profile that yields a delicious, novel flavour & aroma profile, not replicated in many US hop strains.

White Grape & Juicy melon are dominant with berry and citrus fruit. As with all the beers in the series, it clocks in at 5.8% abv with a thick, luscious, oat-heavy grain bill. The result might even be more juicy than Notoriously Juicy itself. 

Ingredients: water, barley, flaked oats, hops, yeast

5.8% ABV