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Blunderbuss (473mL)

Blunderbuss (473mL)

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'Blunderbuss' is live online and in store. Our new 6.4% West Coast/hybrid IPA takes the best features of both coasts and mixes it into 1 delicious recipe.

The thick mouthfeel, hazy body and citrus you love are present but mixed with a less chalky water profile, drier finish from a lower mash temperature, crisp caramel grain note, robust bitterness and pithy pine aroma and flavour.

This is also the most intensely dry hopped single IPA we've ever made, featuring absurd amounts of Simcoe and Citra hop varietals. We're very proud of this one!
Ingredients: water, barley, flaked oats, hops, yeast

6.4% ABV

55 IBU