Ordering FAQ

Q: How does ordering beer online work?

A: You select the bottles that you'd like by adding them to your "cart", put in your payment information and make sure the name on the order matches the name of the person receiving the order.

Q: Sounds like anyone could order even someone under 19?

A: Thanks to the power of Canada Post employees the purchase of beer is still limited to those of us that are above the legal drinking age in Ontario. When your order is delivered you will be asked for ID be Canada Post. If the ID doesn't match the name on the order then you won't be able to receive it.

Q: What happens then?

A: Unfortunately the beer will have to be returned to us. We will give you a refund for the beer less the shipping and packaging/handling costs associated with the return.

Q: So can I get beer for the weekend?

A: Yes! If you order in time. We will ship orders every Tuesday at 1pm the last orders to ship have to be placed by Tuesday at 12pm. If we don't have enough to do during the week we might ship orders on other days but there is no guarantee....maybe if you ask really, really nicely.

Q: Why is it so much for shipping!? Amazon does it for basically nothing!

A: Unfortunately beer and the glass bottles it comes in are both heavy. Shipping heavy things costs money. Glass is also breakable so we need to use packing material to know that you get your beer in a safe way.

Q: You lead me into my next question. What happens if a bottle breaks?

A: Take a photo, send us an email at info@wildcardbrewco.com with the photo attached, your order number, and any other information you can provide so we can investigate what happened.

Hopefully, not everything broke in the shipment. If something survived we suggest drinking that beer while you send us the email. Maybe not all of it but at least open one. Once we get everything sorted on our end and you finally get to enjoy at least a beer we will give you either store credit, replacement beer, or refund. 

Q: Well that pretty much answers every thing. Any other question that Nate hasn't thought up probably aren't that important. but you're free to message the brewery at info@wildcardbrewco.com

A: Awesome! Now this has just turned into a weird conversation between one guy writing both the Q and A...in the 3rd person no less. I'm just going to let myself out.