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MAXIMUM CORNHOLE Championship Roundup

Thursday September 2nd was Championship night for Maximum Cornhole! 14 teams participated and 28 people came out for a best of 3 games tournament format.

The seeds were as follows:

  • 1. Hole Patrol
  • 2. Wrong Hole!
  • 3. The Ring Stingers
  • 4. Huskies
  • 5. Dan & I
  • 6. Lob Dogs
  • 7. Ravens
  • 8. We're Here to Drink
  • 9. Monty Python
  • 10. Me So Corny Baby
  • 11. Incrediholes
  • 12. Hold My Beer
  • 13. Yorkshire Pudding
  • 14. Corny Couple
  • 15. Blue Team (Did not play)

The upper bracket of the tournament played out expectedly based on seeding, with a few key upsets by "We're Here for Drink" whom apparently came to drink and wear Cinderella's slippers as they knocked off 2 favourites on their way to a Final Four loss at the hands of eventual Champs, Hole Patrol.
In the lower bracket, it came down to Wrong Hole! and the Ring Stingers, with the Ring Sting pulling it out in the 3rd game to clinch a spot in the final. Hole Patrol proved too strong and won the Championship.
Congrats to Zack Empey and Justin Nolan of Hole Patrol and Jay and Stacey De Souza of Ring Stingers for a great year along with the rest of our awesome competitors. We'll be back better and ever next year.
A special thank you to Daniel Decouvreur (@dg13.sculpture on Instagram) for his tremendously odd and zany work carving a Maximum Cornhole trophy. He is an amazing carver, hire that man for any job big or small! He does custom bed posts to entry signs for massive RV parks.     
Schedule for prizes:
Week 1 - Wild Card Brewing Company 
Week 2 - Goji Korean
Week 3 - Grind & Vine
Week 4 - Cheerz Pub
Week 5 - Olympus Burger
Week 6/Championship - Cash and These 4 Walls Gift Card (2nd Place Wild Card Brew Co Gift Card) 
See you next year. Same time, same place. 🍻

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