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Week 8 Ultimate Trivia & Championship Results

Our dual Championship Week is in the books!

What an amazing Championship week! After 8 weeks and 320 Trivia questions, both Wednesday and Thursday Leagues came down to the final, 320th question of the season! 

Wednesday night it was a 3 team race, with Smarty Pints needing a win in week 8 and a 4th or worse finish from the   Pines & Mudwalkers. It came down to the Ultimate Question in Category 4 which was "Break Up Songs" with Towering Pines leading by 5 after crushing the Mudwalkers correctly guessing Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They clinched the title and one the These 4 Walls Gallery gift card, bragging rights, their name on Napoleon the Ultimate Trivia trophy, and dinner at a local, non- chain restaurant of their choice. 
                                                                        Wednesday Week 8 Results (7/7 teams attending - "Faux Wild Thing" were non participant sub team)
Mudwalkers = 29 points
Towering Pines = 23.5 points
Axes & Allies = 16 points
Menace To Sobriety = 10 points
Smarty Pints = 4 points
Faux Wild Thing = 4 points 
We're Here To Drink = 0 points
Wednesday Season Final Championship Standings (After 8 of 8 Weeks)
1. Mudwalkers = 15.5
1. Towering Pines = 14.5
3. Smarty Pints = 9.5
4. Axes & Allies = 5
5. Menace To Sobriety = 2
T6. We're Here To Drink = 0
T6. Wild Thing = 0
                                                                        Thursday Night saw 7 of 8 teams fight it out with plenty of drama for title as the "Stronghold 4" still held the Championship in their clutches. They needed a solo 3rd to clinch a share of the title. If they got 4th or lower, "Quizzards of Oz" would need a solo 2nd place finish to tie or solo 1st to steal the win. 
It came down to the final question about movie soundtrack songs that Stronghold needed to get correct to clinch the title, though a Quizzards wrong answer would achieve the same goal. Stronghold prevailed on the question and the Championship while Quizzards missed, settling for 3rd on the week and 2nd overall for the Championship. Team Redundancy Team had a good night, grabbing weekly victory, the These 4 Walls gift card and vaulting to 3rd in the final season standings.                                                                                                          
Thursday Week 8 Results (7/8 teams attending)
Team Redundancy Team = 38 points
Stronghold 4 = 36.5 points
Quizzards Of Oz = 33 points
Let's Get Quizzical = 29 points
Snake Eyes 7/11 = 17 points
Super Anti Legion = 8.5 points
That's What She Said= 0 points 
Know It Ales = 0 points                                                                          
Thursday Season Final Championship Standings (After 8 of 8 Weeks)
1. Stronghold 4 = 14
2. Quizzards Of Oz = 11
3. Team Redundancy Team = 10
4. Super Anti Legion = 8
5. That's What She Said = 3
6. Let's Get Quizzical = 2
7. Snake Eyes 7/11 = 1
8. Know It Ales = 0
HUGE thanks to our players for a great season and we'll see you in late summer for signups for the next season of Ultimate Trivia at Wild Card Brewing Company! 

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