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ULTIMATE TRIVIA at Wild Card Brewing Co. Launches March 24 7-9pm!!!


Thursday March 24th 7-9pm we're launching the inaugural season of Ultimate Trivia, our weekly team trivia league!

If you like gimme questions and Bud Light key chain prizes...then Ultimate Trivia isn't for you. Naturally there will be free pints & Wild Card merch, but we're mostly using the prize pool to buy from local businesses that we use and love that were hard hit during the Pandemic (think restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres etc.)

Best of all, the Championship winning team gets dinner and drinks at a local restaurant of their choice, bragging rights, and the Ultimate Trivia trophy! (Trophy must be returned for the next season, preferably still in 1 piece). And the winning team's name will be immortalized forever on an engraved plaque on the Ultimate Trivia trophy which will live above the bar at the brewery.

Questions will run the gamut, from easy to brain buster. Sometimes there will be sound clips or photos on the big screen. Each week features 4 random categories from every corner of the universe. Everyone is an expert in something, whether it be reality TV, Renaissance art, MMORPG video games, OHL hockey, classic muscle cars, British new wave music, or true crime novels.

Schedule & Details
-March 24th is the warm up night, regular season starts on March 31

-7 to 9pm every Thursday

-3 to 5 person teams

-Free snacks (popcorn, chips, etc.)

-$5 per person, per week you play

-60% of the prize pool goes to the weekly prizes & 40% goes into the year end championship prize package ($2.40 to weekly prizes, $1.60 toward year end prize, $1 towards prep costs & snacks)

-We think this is a fair split of the prize pool so that everyone has a chance to win cool prizes every week and the teams at the bottom of the standings late in the season will still have a reason to show up even if they can't win the championship prize.

Trivia Game Rules
-Ultimate Trivia has 4 random categories each week featuring 9 regular questions & 1 Ultimate question in each category

-Correct regular questions earn your team 1 answer point

-Ultimate questions are like Daily Doubles in Jeopardy, you choose how many answer points you wager on the question before hearing the question (up to a maximum of how many points your team has in that category already)

-So if you got 7 points out of the 9 regular questions, you can wager up to 7 points on the Ultimate question in that category.

-Like with the daily double on Jeopardy, there's some strategy involved. Being too aggressive and risking all 7 points could vault you up to 14 answer points for the category if you get it right, or leave you crushed with 0 if you get it wrong.

Championship Q & A
-How do you win the season Championship? Be the team with the most Championship points after the 8 week season

-How do you get championship points? Each week, the team with the most answer points gets 3 championship points, 2nd place in answer points gets 2 championship points and 3rd place in answer points gets 1 championship point

-We will publish Championship standings every week so teams can see where they are in the race for the title

-We think this is a fair way to encourage and reward the teams that come more often, but not heavily penalize the teams that miss the odd week.

Please message us on IG/FB or email us if you're interested in pre-registering your team because space is limited to 8 teams


  • I have a team of five are there any openings ? Pls FB me

    Peggy Obrien
  • Hey Becca, can you message us on IG or FB? We can coordinate a potential team entry with Robert there as we don’t get notifications of comments on the blog and I can’t respond to you directly only post another comment and hope you see it.

    Cheers, Zack

    Zack Card
  • We’re two and looking for additional team members to form a team. New to the area, similar to Robert perhaps we can form a team?

    Becca Wignall
  • Hey, I would love to participate in this every week but I’m kind of new to the area. If there are any groups out there that are looking for an extra teammate I’d be happy to help out

    Robert Martin

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