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Our Values & Commitment: Being a Part of Positive & Necessary Alcohol Industry Change

We should all agree that safety, equity and inclusion are fundamental, bedrock values in a modern, vibrant and free society. Far too often though, we fall short of living up to these values. We can do better. We must be better.

Recently, Brienne Allen (IG: @ratmagnet) in the US and Erin Broadfoot (IG: @esbroadfoot) in Canada, have illuminated countless stories of sexism, misogyny, and discrimination. The most horrific involved in mental and physical abuse, as well as sexual assault. The experiences were devastating to read. Though predominantly stories from women, it was clear the LGBTIQA+ and BIPOC communities were also baring the brunt of systemic inequities.

What were initially beer/brewery related stories, soon spread to implicate wineries and other industry participants, such as retail restaurants and bars. It is abundantly clear that the alcohol industry is in need of a complete culture overhaul.

Publicly naming and firing the offenders and those who protected them was an important first step. The public needed to reckon with the horrible failure of leaders, individuals, companies, and the industry as a whole to welcome and protect these people.

Clearly, major reforms to employee conduct and complaint investigation and inclusion/equity protections for customers and employees are both great starting points. There are important voices, like that of Ren Navarro (IG: @beer_diversity & @dobetter_bebetter), who speak eloquently on the policy and culture changes necessary, and provide valuable resources for understanding the issues the industry faces.

As owners of a small craft brewery we need to put our values in writing to welcome those who feel left behind and lend support to those fighting for change. Many like-minded companies in Ontario, Canada and the US have recently written about this issue and we commend them for being on the right side of history and being part of the solution. Please see "Our Values" page on the website to read our commitment and policy.

Zack and Nate

P.S. Here are a couple of great articles worth your time to read and learn more about our industries' systemic issues related to safety, equity, and inclusion.




  • Hi Dan Refausse,

    We can contract brew beer a small amount of beer, though fitting it in during summer can be tricky scheduling wise, so the earlier it’s planned the better. That being said, please feel free to email me at zack@wildcardbrewco.com to discuss your idea further.


    Zack @ Wild Card Brewing Company
  • Hi, have you ever or would you consider entering into a contract brewing agreement? I have some capital, a love of beer, some ideas with a local connection and I grew up in glen miller. I’ll be parked in the marina this summer. I’m in the Dominican until April but can meet this spring if you’re interested.

    Dan Refausse

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