~~ALL WEBSITE PRICES INCLUDE HST~~ FLAT RATE ONTARIO SHIPPING 6-11 PK is $10, 12-18 PK is $15, 19-24 PK is $22

Dollars & Sense

Small businesses generally hate raising prices. Risking losing customers outright, or just seeing familiar faces less often sucks. But it is also a necessary part of owning/running a business, especially in an inflationary environment.

We've read post after post on social media over the past months and realized it was inevitable. We've held prices firm since 2018 on most takeout cans (even 2017 on some products) but the current reality has forced our hands.

Practically every single raw ingredient we use: grain, hops, yeast, fruit, are all up 5 to 15%. All of our other input costs: packaging materials, chemicals, kegs, cans, labels, glassware, are also up a similar %. Even worse, the shipping companies that many suppliers use have raised their rates 20 to 40%. So effective next week, we'll be changing some prices:

-Seltzer cans ⬆️ 11 cents

-Base cans (Rudimentary, Cardinal Truth, 4 Shadow, etc.) ⬆️ 22 cents

-Intermediate cans (IPAs, non fruit sours, Imperial stout) ⬆️ 22 cents

-Premium (fruited sours, IIPAs, barrel aged/fruited Imperial stout) ➡️ flat in most cases

-2L Growler fills up ⬆️ 44 cents

-Flights ⬆️ 44 cents

-20oz Draught Pints are staying flat ➡️

-Kegs ⬆️ $4.42 more for 20L/30L, $8.85 more for 50L

-Merch ⬆️ varied

Thank you for your continued love & support. It takes a whole lot of people to allow small businesses to thrive for 7 years in a community and we're very grateful 🙏

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