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Thanks for visiting our website. For any questions, please send them to info@wildcardbrewco.com.  WHERE OUR BEER IS AVAILABLE Trenton The Port Bistro Pub, 21 Front Street On Tap: Devil’s Tail Red Ale (exclusive) and rotational selection Tomasso’s Italian Grille, 35 Front Street On Tap: The Flop The Old Church Theatre, 940 Bonisteel Road On Tap: The Flop The Celtic, 58 King […]

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THE FLOP ♥ 4.7% ♥ GERMAN BLONDE ALE A traditional German style ale, slight spiciness but smooth drinking. Our crowd pleasing beer that keeps people coming back for more. RIDE THE BRAKE ♠ 7.0% ♠ AMERICAN IPA Ride the Brake is brimming with a mixture of pine, floral and citrus flavour and aroma. Clocking in at 7.0%, you’ll […]